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Mermoji how it works

2 starts just cause it is soo cute but it will only work for text messaging. Will not work on anything else, not fb, instagram or anything else not even here which is very unfortunate and you have to pay to upgrade to get new mermojis 👎🏼


Best App!


So adorable for all the mermaid lovers but wish you didn't have to copy and paste

They're very cute but...

I don't like they're just a image is not a real emoji, i would love that were real emoji like in iPhone keyboard!


I love this app

Awesome app

not as easy as emoji but pretty awesome


This app makes me so happy!


These emojis are supper cute!


Super cute! But, I wish the resolution was better!


These are really cute and a portion of proceeded go to Ocean Conservation charities! I just wish it was easier to use and you didn't have to copy and paste them. Also the resolution could be better. But the price is amazing and they're still so fabulous. I love them so much!


these are really cute. Wish they were easier


Super cute and reasonably priced!

Love it but...

I wish the images were higher resolution and I would like to be able to paste them into Facebook comments.

I love this app!

Cutest emojis ever!


I LOVE these emojis. The whole time I've had an iPhone I've been so mad that I didn't have a mermaid in my emojis and now I have all mermaid related emojis. I'm obsessed with them. Best idea ever!

I believe

Mermaids are mythical sea goddesses to most, but to me they real! And they're hot and sweet! Fun app for enhanced texting!

Awesome but....

This is an amazing idea but don't find it to be very relevant if you aren't a brunette. Would love to see more blonde mer-babes represented.


I would've paid more but I'm feeling ripped off!! I love the concept but they do not work like the other emoji. You have to copy and paste and it takes way too long. Not convenient and super disappointed. You should not have rolled this out until you worked that out!

Love them

So much fun I love them


$.99 for mermaids.. I think I can give that a splash🌊 if they turn out to be empty shells then I am only out the $.99 clams.. not going to break the sea bank.. 🐚🐙

I love them been waiting for mermaid emojis for forever.... This is my favorite app by far

Soooooo amazing!

Best emojis in the App Store. Love that merbooty!


They r awesome!

Can't use on insta?

They are adorable but I wish they would make them available to use on Instagram. You can copy them but they don't paste on insta. Really adorable though.

So annoyed

I thought this was like the emoji but it's nothing and it's just annoying and I want my money back not worth .99

Love the looks, not the logistics

I love mermaids and how many emojis are included in this package-they are adorable; however, it seems that you can't use them on most apps except texting and I hate that you have to copy/paste. It's already a lot to open a different keyboard. I know other popular keyboards such as bitmoji require the same actions, so this is something they should be worked on within a larger context. Still, they didn't work for me outside of texting and I'd love to use them in Instagram comments and otherwise. Cute nonetheless!


Cute but not very many and you have to copy and paste which makes it slower to type... not worth 0.99 cents unless they edit this

I wish I could use them!!!! 😤

Not working in my imessages !

So cute!


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